I like this kind of school :)

Most of us have spent a significant chunk of our life in school. Some of us go on to earn college degrees… Some of us become diving professionals. I found a great sense of relief, when I had no more obligation to return to school. Summer break would be the rest of my life.
However, on my trip to dive the Sea of Cortez, I found myself in a school once again
Seeing hundreds of Barracuda organizing themselves into different shapes and patterns as we cruised along the sand surrounding San Franscisquito in northern La Paz was definitely one of the most mesmerizing experiences of our journey. Between the lighting and my excitement, I struggled to capture the enormity of the school with my lens, as they swarmed in and out of our path. I noticed that without a diver in the image, it was difficult to show the relative size of the school. Instead of being in the school myself, I decided to hang back and wait for my model to present themselves.
Eventually I was able to capture this image of my friend (and diving super model), Andy Moore, enjoying the view from within the eye of the cyclone.
In the school of barracuda I learned that sometimes it’s good to slow down, take a step back, and appreciate the bigger picture.

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