About Our Rentals

We offer name-brand equipment rental from head to toe, and will take the time to make sure you are properly fitted for any piece of equipment you rent from Ocean Safari. All of our rental gear is tested before and after each use to ensure that equipment will not fail you in the field. 

Aside from our standard rental equipment, we also offer a variety of “premier” rental equipment upon request. We will do our best to provide you the proper equipment for your specific applications and meet your needs whatever they may be. 


Parka $12.00
Air Rental Aluminum 80 $15.00
Air Rental Steel <100cft $17.00
Air Rental Steel > or = 100cft $18.00
Nitrox Rental Aluminum 80 $21.00
Nitrox Rental Steel <100cft $23.00
Nitrox Rental Steel > or = 100cft $26.00
Regulator set (1st Stage, Primary & Octopus 2nd Stages, Inflator, and SPG) $15.00
Premier Regulator set $20.00
Computer $10.00
Premier Computer $15.00
BCD (Jacket, Front Adjustable, Back Inflation types) $15.00
Premier BCD $20.00
Wetsuit $17.00
Hooded Vest $9.00
Hood $5.00
Weights with Weight Belt $7.00
Weights only $6.00
Mask $5.00
Snorkel $3.00
Fins $10.00
Boots $5.00
Gloves $5.00
Knife $5.00
Light $10.00
Compass $10.00

Download Ocean Safari Outdoors Rental Agreement (PDF)