Living in the heart of Los Angeles, we are lucky to have close access to the coast, mountains, streams, forests, wildflower fields, and everything in between. Divers and non-divers alike can explore the tidepools along the beach and discover an abundance of marine critters unique to the intertidal zone. We can guide your family through an evergreen forest with grandiose views of the second National Forest ever established in the US. Here at Ocean Safari, we are amphibious -- we are underwater explorers who venture through the half-water/half-land intertidal zone, and conquer the highest peaks overlooking the San Gabriel Valley. 

As adventurers, we do not merely collect stamps of all the various outdoor destinations we have visited. The environment is dynamic – visiting an ecosystem at a different time of day or season will reveal to us the uniqueness of each place and the specific plants and animal interactions that occur based on timing. Experience the seasons cycle of a shrub like the elder, where you’ll see just a pile of twigs in winter, find the leaf buds sprouting early spring, taste the fragrant flower buds mid-spring to early summer, collect berries in the fall, and learn about the cultural and medicinal uses of this plant that varies upon season. Discover the animals that temporarily call tidepools home based on the time of year – for instance, do you know about the journeys of sea hares during their lifecycles and when you’re most likely to see them in a tidepool? Ocean Safari runs eco-trips year-round, and at different times of day (morning, sunset, night, etc.) so we can understand the transformations and interactions through time and become a proficient wilderness explorer.