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Stand Up Paddleboard Nature Tour

Are you....
1. A water lover who wants to enjoy all types of watersports?
2. A scuba diver who can glide through the water, but want to also glide on top of the water? 
3. A nature enthusiast who wants to explore more than what you can see from land? 
4. All of the above? 
Come enjoy the feeling of walking on water while learning about the nature around us! You'll get a total body work out but also a relaxing time gliding over the water. 


Things to expect:
- You may fall into the water
- No previous experience necessary
- Enjoy a fun water activity to enjoy the view and learn about nature

We Provide:
- A fun, educational trip hosted by the Ocean Safari team
- Paddleboard and paddle
- Life jacket
- Basic tips on getting up onto your board, moving forward, and turning.
- A light picnic meal and beverage enjoyed together

Please Bring: 
- Water in reusable canteen
- Extra cup for provided beverage
- 1-3mm wetsuit shortie (especially on cooler days)
- Otherwise quick-drying clothing that can get wet (swimsuit, rashguard, etc) Avoid cotton clothing especially on cooler days - Extra change of clothing
- Non-slip sandals with straps, water shoes, or bare feet (no flip-flops)
- Towel
- Sun protection & Insect repellent
- Waterproof drybag to carry items
- Trash bag for trash, wet items, etc