Diver Name

Megumi Itoh

Social Media Coordinator / Instructor / Illustrator

Location: Temple City, CA
Hometown: Temple City, CA

I got certified in summer of 2008. I started taking pictures underwater to help me remember what I saw on my dives so I can write them down in my dive log. Since then, I've upgraded my camera from a small point and shoot camera to a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens. Some people want to see the big things like sharks and sea turtles. I delight in looking for small creatures underwater, especially nudibranchs. There are so much colors under the sea!

Begg Rock & San Nicolas Island

November 6, 2019

My second trip to Begg Rock and San Nicolas. This time aboard the Peace Dive Boat. Since the condition was nicer at San Nicolas than in the northern Channel Islands (and we didn't get kicked out by the military), we got to stay at San Nicolas on the second day!